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Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

8 fresh eggs
a piece of butter
5 small mushrooms
2 small onions
1 packet of Szwardzwaldzka ham
1 small tomatoes ( for decoration)
chive ( for decoration)

1.Clean the fresh mushrooms and peel the onions.
2. Cut the mushrooms into slices and onions into thin strips.
3. Crack the eggs open into a bowl and whisk with spices.
4. Whisk eggs and add spices.
5. Melt butter on the frying pan.
6. Add mushrooms , onions and ham on the frying pan and fry two minutes.
7. Add whisked eggs on frying pan and mix until the eggs congeal .
8. Put on plate and decorate with tomato and chive.

Have a nice meal!

by Anna Rabijak, Klaudia Siekaniec and Patrycja Szymańska 3b ZSZ